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Run your bridal shop seamlessly with BridalLive and ChargeItPro's integrated solution so you can quickly process transactions directly from your POS payment screen - anywhere in the store.

Simplify your life. Connect your bridal store with ChargeItPro today!

Why more bridal stores use

ChargeItPro with Bridal Live

24/7 Support

Ease of integration

Integrated with BridalLive software, ChargeItPro payment processing occurs directly from your POS, so processing payments is simple, seamless, and fast.

The knowledgeable experts at ChargeItPro are dedicated to your success, providing responsive customer care every step of the way.

Honest & fair pricing

ChargeItPro offers competitive rates with no application, sign-up, or termination fees.

"Integrating BridalLive and ChargeItPro has been very successful for our business. It allows us to maintain control over the entire process - from inventory to sale to bank receipt - without having to do individual reconciliations. Also, I have had very good service from ChargeItPro."

- Your Bridal Couture | Orlando, FL

BridalLive and ChargeItPro

Integrated payment processing is just a few clicks away. Contact ChargeItPro today to see just how easy and cost effective an integrated solution can be.

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