Cloud Solutions


Head in the clouds? No problem. We'll give you the freedom to run a transaction straight from your browser, desktop, tablet or mobile device — using our reliable, EMV-capable Cloud Solution. 

Results Sent

Initiate Transaction

Our secure technology allows you to easily process a transaction on your remote terminal.

Here's how it works:

Start a credit card transaction from your

application—which runs on your browser, desktop, tablet or mobile device. 

Transaction results are securely returned to your application.

Device Prompts

ChargeItPro's secure cloud technology will launch the transaction on your remote EMV terminal.

Process directly from the cloud

Easy to use

No need for complex steps or a lengthy install. Cloud Solutions is a breeze to operate. 

Sensitive card data is always secure. Our software is EMV-capable and compliant with PCI-DSS standards.


It doesn't matter what device you use. Our application works on Android, Apple or Windows products.



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